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Governor’s Message on Membership GML, August 2022

It has been 19 years since I first joined the Rotary and to this day, I’ve considered that invitation as a gift that keeps on giving. It has opened many doors of opportunities, has connected me with highly esteemed individuals, has helped me built life-long friendships and it has been a great avenue to serve the community especially the children, the sick and the underprivileged.

I can truly say, I’ve been blessed with such great company through these years. I take great pride of being a Rotarian and this is something we all need to share to everyone. As of July 1, 2022, our district membership stands at 1,317 but I still highly encourage every Rotarian to start that conversation and invite like-minded individuals who have the skills and character to make a difference, to join the fold of the Rotary International.

As we grow our membership, we also increase our capacity to achieve more and we ensure that the Rotary shall continuously serve the community for the years to come. One new Rotarian is an additional bright mind, a caring heart and a new set of helping hands to advance the ideals of the Rotary.

Moreover, it is also equally important to intensify engagement of our members. This is because engagement breeds dedication, desire to achieve more and relentless commitment to make a difference. It is a catalyst for sustainability. While a bigger responsibility lies with the club officers, let’s make it incumbent upon every Rotarian to check on our fellows by keeping them updated of all activities and by sharing to them the impact of their contribution.

Our success in being able to do remarkable things hinges on how well we can pull everyone together to work as one strong and united team. In fact, we need to harness and take care of each club’s and each member’s S.H.A.P.E :

Strengths – so we get to build on what everyone does best;

Heart – so we can appeal to what connects people emotionally;

Aspirations – so we can all rally behind a common cause and help each other grow;

Personality and Experiences so we can create wonderful and fun moments together.

When we get to take care of our own S.H.A. P.E, in our own little way, we can significantly shape our community for the better.

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