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RY 2021-2022 GOALS

One of the most important and exciting parts for our leadership is to communicate to our stakeholders the impact that our community has done through the different initiatives of our clubs and the contribution of each member, their time, treasure and talent. There are many more things that need to be accomplished, but we take it one touched life, one transformed community at a time.

TRF Contribution

This year, RID 3850 aims to raise a total of USD 200K donation for The Rotary Foundation. The district also targets an additional USD 15k plus donation for Polio Plus.


Trees Planted

As champions for the environment, RID 3850 commits to plant 3,850 trees this year. We understand that the problem on climate change is real, and as a community, we will play our important role of planting more trees.



From the current membership of 1,385, we are targeting to grow to 1,607 members at the end of RY 2021 - 2022. That's an annual growth of 16% on membership.


Every quarter, in order to measure the district's direct impact to the communities we serve, we will also start providing data on the number of projects implemented, beneficiaries reached, number of volunteers participating in our initiatives, total volunteer hours and donations contributed to the projects of the district and the different clubs.


Help us change more lives in our communities!

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