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Edwin To

District 3850 Governor

RY 2021-2022

People of Action

Governor's Monthly Letter (GML)

July 2021 Message

New Leadership

“Vision to see. Faith to Believe. Courage to do.” – this is inscribed on the sundial at the Los Angeles Union Station.

Every new Rotary leadership needs these three things to have a successful year. However, I also believe these – Vision, Faith and Courage – must be shared by all members in our club if we truly want a life changing year for ourselves and the communities we serve. 

Each club in our district is unique and each new leader brings with them their own brand of leadership. 

Regardless of the brand of leadership you bring to the table however, I am most certain that you will be successful if you share our vision with your members, have faith that they will deliver for the club, and have the courage to do things that are meaningful and life-changing.

We had a successful Rotary Year despite the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic yet it had been one of the most rewarding experience for many of us. In this new Rotary year, I challenge all life changing presidents to continue the vibrancy exhibited by each club and perhaps even surpass it, even amidst this tough times.

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