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Get Involved

Our individual and small contributions are building blocks of the change we hope to see in our society. No single person is capable of doing it on his own, and so we invite you to check out our ongoing projects and choose which one speaks to your heart. No amount of time, talent or resource is too small.


You probably heard about us and wondered what's the experience like to be part of our community. With 55 clubs in 11 Zones across Western Mindanao, Panay Island and Negros Occidental, there is surely a community where you can belong.

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It's a fact that Rotarians love organizing events. Being part of our community gives you the opportunity not only to meet and engage with like-minded people, but to also make a difference in the world together with them. We do things together; we serve to change the world together. Check out our upcoming events.


Each club has a banner project, and we showcase them here so you can find projects that speak to your heart and want to support. We keep you updated on these projects through the stories we share on all our digital assets to show you how your generosity is able to impact lives.


Our community values partnership. It is in collaborating with one another that greater things can be done and achieved, aside from the fact that the joy of seeing lives touched, transformed and changed, is more meaningful when shared. See what partnership opportunities we have in store for you.


Help us change more lives in our communities!

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