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Donate to a Cause

Each club has a banner project, and we showcase them here so you can find projects that speak to your heart and want to support. We keep you updated on these projects through the stories we share on all our digital assets to show you how your generosity is able to impact lives.

Featured Project


Disaster Response…the Rotary way

In 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, barrelled through the Philippines, leaving a trail of devastation and lifeless bodies in its wake, particularly in Eastern Visayas. 

Locally known as Yolanda, it was one of the deadliest storm that hit the country. People who survived wondered whether recovery was possible as they were left with nothing, except the clothes on their backs. 
Response from all over the world was overwhelming and we saw the Filipinos unite to extend help in whatever way they can. 
Mark Ortiz, the district governor at that time, was based in Roxas City which was among the areas that experienced the destruction of Haiyan. 

Community Projects


Help us change more lives in our communities!

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