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Together we can, together we will

“He who is best prepared, can best serve in his moment of inspiration.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Preparation is the key. Thus, a month before he takes over the helm of District 3850, Governor Edwin To made sure his team are equipped with skills, and more importantly, inspired to hit the ground running.

With the pandemic still raging, there was no other way to hold the District Training Assembly but virtually. The upside was, doing it virtual brought in exemplary speakers that would otherwise be impossible to invite due to logistical concerns.

Ably assisted by District Trainer, Past District Governor (PDG) Oliver Ong, Edwin managed to invite inspiring in the well-attended 3-day Distas last June 4-6.

PDGs Liza Elorde of District 3810 and Jundad Legislador of 3850 were joined by former Bacolod City councilor, Atty. Joselle Batapa-Sigue on the first day. Liza and Jocelle talked about the various forms of leadership while Jundad highlighted the need to create a culture of membership commitment and work on “harvesting” alumni to reach the 222 membership goal of the district.

Day 2 started with Rotary International Assembly Trainer, PDG Andre Suharto who discussed RI’s Action Plan. Attuned to this year’s district motto of “Together we can, Together we will,” Andre stressed the need to look beyond the traditional in order to meet all 14 objectives set by RI.

“Together, let’s prove that our impact on the world has only just begun. Together, let’s build connections and opportunities that will allow people who share our drive to do the same. Together, let’s stay true to ourselves and stay ahead of change in our next 115 years,” Andre said.

Social blogger, intermittent faster and banker, Orman Manansala discussed ways we can create a buzz in social media which will help us connect with people, increase awareness about Rotary, boost membership and gain support for our service projects.

The second day ended with PDG Elisa Tay who talked about the collaboration of Rotary and Toastmasters International and taught us the power of persuasion through public speaking and concise pitch.

The third day brought in PDG Jude Doctora who will continue as our district chair of The Rotary Foundation and PDG Sonny Coloma who encapsulated Public Image in relation to membership and the TRF in under an hour.

Edwin closed the Distas by sharing his personal journey, both in life and in Rotary. His story and his goals left tears in some and definitely inspired all.

Colin Powell said this, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Indeed, Edwin has gone through all three and as he takes over the leadership of District 3850, we know that together, we can and we will."

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