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Harnessing the power of people to fight coastal trash

By Robert Harland, RC Bacolod Marapara

One early Sunday morning, the Rotary Club of Bacolod Marapara gathered it members, its Rotaract Club and the Barangay 35 Council to kick-start its year-long campaign to clean up the Reclamation Area of the Bacolod City.

Dubbed as the Coastal Clean-Up Drive: Supporting the Environment project, the group picked up mountains of trash at the area, hidden gem of a place where one can watch a spectacular sunset or stroll along its boulevard.

Led by incoming president Rolando Corona of Marapara and Rotaract Marapara president Mina Retita, the group of volunteers collected more than 70 bags of trash.

"Tons of trash is deposited each year on our coasts. It's unsightly and a health hazard to us all as well as an environmental hazard for marine life. Thanks to our volunteers today, we are pleased to have the opportunity to help the community have a cleaner and healthier environment," says Corona.

Retita also expresses hope that the project will help create wider awareness among residents of the need to protect our environment. The participation of the barangay council is a great step towards this goal.

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