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Hydrotherapy as rehabilitation method for PWDs

RC Kabankalan

Hydrotherapy, a type of treatment involving exercising in water, has been proven to be beneficial to improve mobility and mental health conditions, especially for those who are physically challenged.

And to celebrate the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week last July, Rotarian and physical therapist Augustine “Gus” Rivas of the Rotary Club of Kabankalan lend his expertise to the Kabankalan Association of Disabled Persons (KADP) and the Kabankalan City Social Welfare and Development Office for their program to rehabilitate children with cerebral palsy (CP).

KADP was organized in 2002 in response to the implementation of Republic Act 7277 otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons. Organizations such as KADP are encouraged to complement efforts of the national government on disability prevention and rehabilitation. For close to 22 years, the group has pursued programs to uplift the quality of life of persons with disabilities or PWDs in the southern Negros city of Kabankalan.

For its program focused on rehabilitation of children with CP, KADP specifically requested the assistance of RC Kabankalan and its members.

The club worked closely with KADP to identify beneficiaries and educate the parents on the benefits of hydrotherapy for their CP children. RC Kabankalan members provided a hands-on demonstration in order to teach parents the proper way to conduct hydrotherapy exercises.

Through appropriate rehabilitation services like hydrotherapy, compounded with proper nutrition, medical treatment and strong family support, the rights of children with cerebral palsy will be promoted and protected towards improving health conditions and enhance their capacity to perform activities of daily living, which is realized as they show increasing signs of mobility.

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