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Economic and Social Development

My fellow Rotarians,

Greetings and I hope you and your family are in good health!

This month, we wish to highlight Economic and Social Development as key to providing quality of life to the communities we serve.

Many of you have service projects that are addressing this need but I would like to further ask that you monitor the lives of your beneficiaries, if indeed you are making a dent in their lives through your projects.

We’ve been through a lot of webinars that talks of the importance of community needs assessment and post monitoring of your projects to make sure that the help we provide are really the answers to improving their lives. If they are, please do not hesitate to share stories from your beneficiaries as these are powerful messages that affirms the good that you do.

Four months into my term, I have been overwhelmed by the support that each club has been extending. From Day 1, Life-Changing Presidents have been hard at work to meet expectations set by the district and by Rotary International.

Many members have been inducted into Rotary and this more caring Rotarians to help us continue giving service to our communities. Your challenge now is to ensure that these baby Rotarians are nurtured and empowered. Make them feel they belong, make sure they are involved, and more importantly, allow them to grow freely in our Rotary world.

We recently had a very successful and inspiring "Diversity Equity and inclusion" webinar hosted by Rotary Club of Iloilo with OO Eva Jaena, D3850 DEI Task Force Chair taking the lead. I hope that will guide you well in attracting new members. It is time for us to open our doors to a more diverse set of Rotarians. It is time for us to embrace equality and be more inclusive.

Lastly, allow me this opportunity to thank you all for your generosity in ensuring we, END POLIO NOW!

We made history for being the first district in the Rotary world to have inducted over 300 charter members in the PolioPlus Society.

PRIVP Mike McGovern personally emailed me to extend his profound thanks that there are so many Rotarians in our district who are dedicated to end polio.

“It remains clear that your district is not only the leader in being the first district to have an induction ceremony for the PolioPlus Society, but also leads the way in the number of Rotarians who participated,” Mike wrote.

And this is thanks to you all and to our very hard-working and inspiring, End Polio District Chair, PP Jun Kwan.

Let me just remind everyone that our work is far from over and until the two remaining countries – Pakistan and Afghanistan – remain polio-ridden, the world is not safe, our children and their children will never be safe.

We are very close to ending polio in the world so let me appeal to every Rotarian in our district to continue contributing to this very noble project because TOgether we will, TOgether we can!

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