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Governor's Message for the New Rotary Year 2022-2023

Warm Greetings to my Fellow Rotarians,

Let me welcome all of you to a new Rotary Year. The RI President Jennifer Jones selected Imagine Rotary as our theme. "Imagine a world that is free from hunger, free from diseases and free from war and conflict. A world where only peace, love, kindness and selfless service existed. It may seem a dream and difficult to achieve, but with all your support to our vision, we can attain the unimaginable."

My fellow Rotarians, I look forward to work hand in hand with all of you to achieve our District thrust. Imagine where everyone is equal and included in our diverse world. Dream where we continue to touch lives with our contribution to the Rotary Foundation. Inspire others to spread the Rotary Spirit and help those in need.

Membership is also an integral part of growing our district and soaring to greater heights. Let us all stay connected with one another and ensure that no one is left behind. Continue to stay engaged with our fellow brothers and sisters in the community.

Welcome to a fun and fruitful Rotary Year with all of you!

John Michael "Kano" J. Ng

District Governor

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