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Janury 2022 - Governor's Message

Now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been.- Rainer Maria Rilke

- Rainer Maria Rilke

January beckons. It ushers a year full of new beginnings and cherished memories. This is the month to dream and look forward to what lies ahead, great things, exciting events, and even challenges. Another journey begins.

In the Rotary world, January is the vocational service month and we are asked to focus on this important service and grab the opportunity to begin year-long vocational service activities. It may range from Rotary discussions to awards to community projects. Here are some activities you can do not only in January but during the entire year:

  1. Have a series of classification talks in your meetings and learn about the occupations of fellow Rotarians or host meetings in your workplace and give a tour to fellow rotarians.

  2. Use your skills, talents, and expertise to serve a community.

  3. Practice your profession in an ethical manner, by your words and actions, with integrity, and inspire others to do the same.

  4. Hold career orientations or “Skill Share” workshops and seminars.

  5. Do some mentorship, practicum, internship program and help young people achieve their dreams.

  6. Give honors or awards to outstanding persons in their respective fields of occupation.

  7. Give empowerment seminars to mothers and girls that will teach them skills or enable them to start up a small livelihood or enterprise.

  8. Volunteer your talents in disaster relief operations.

“The calling to follow Christ lies at the root of every other calling. “ The word vocation comes from Latin vocare, which means to call. We are reminded to thank God for our vocation. It enables us to contribute to life-changing causes or activities. Through our vocation, we inspire and help others to find their own. Our vocation will give us joy and fulfillment.

For instance, in the various relief operations conducted by the district and the clubs, unconsciously Rotarians are using their vocation for a good cause. Rotarian lawyers help in creating agreements and negotiations and businessmen share their resources be it vehicles, goods, or money. Rotarians in media help create awareness on the need to help the typhoon victims. Rotarian doctors conduct medical missions and the Rotarian nurses assist them. Rotarian Engineers make assessments of damage and create disaster response teams. Rotarian community leaders assist in organizing and gathering recipients. This for me is a display of vocational service at its best.

The Object of Rotary is a philosophical statement of Rotary’s purpose and the responsibilities of Rotarians and the concept of vocational service is rooted in the Second Object, which calls on Rotarians “To encourage and foster high ethical standards in business and professions, to recognise the worthiness of all useful occupations, to dignify the Rotarian's occupation as an opportunity to serve society.” Vocational service is a shared responsibility of both the Rotary Club and its members. Rotarians are encouraged to embrace this object with their hearts and minds. Some Rotarians even hang the frames of the Object of Rotary in their homes and offices. Can we do this all?

Paul Harris wrote and I quote, "Each Rotarian is a connecting link between the idealism of Rotary and their trade or profession". Whatever your vocation is, use it for a greater purpose and for the Glory of God.

"When you have a sense of calling, whether it's to be a musician, soloist, artist in one of the technical fields, or a plumber, there is something deep and enriching when you realize it isn't just a casual choice, it's a divine calling. It's not limited to vocation Christian service by any means."

- Charles R. Swindoll

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